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"De boa na lagoa"

I took a few pictures before leaving to work to post on my lookbook… but it was a total FAIL. Seems like people didn’t like it much. But it is really one of my favorite looks out of all I’ve posted! And it’s much more of my daily outfit. Totally suits Recife’s weather.

Cardigan - Opcao, Ecobag - C&A, Skirt - F21, Necklace - F21, Shirt - Charlotte Russe, Studded Gladiators - Traffic

As Thais said she didn’t really like the bag in this look, I’ll post some shots without it. This is my daily bag, though ): I like it so much. I don’t like looking poshy usually and this bag goes totally with the kind of look I like to pull off.

And one last picture of the gladiator’s details:

Now, changing topics, I just want to make a quick comment on my wonderful saturday! I had a meeting with my highschool classmates! After 6 years.. guys, you’ve gained so much weight! LOL But it’s so nice to notice that we still get along the same way. The best thing is to talk about what each one has been doing, who got married, who had a baby, who moved, who’s living alone… Nothing much to say about me though cause I’ve been working in the same job for 5 years and going for my second graduation (as I literally threw my first one in a trash can!).

Socially Casual, Casually Social

Shoes by F21, Bag by Guess, Tank Top by Mango, Leggings by Charlotte Russe, Cardigan from C&A, Watch from Burlington and Necklace by Icing/Claire’s

This is a regular working outfit that I wear. Except for the Cardigan that I only use for a short time and indoor. Cause seriously, going nuts cause of the hot weather here is just a matter of time. I can’t stand it anymore. Up to 35 celcius degrees or around 90 Farenheit even during night time.. this is insane. Make it rain!!!

Details of the look you can find on my loobook.

Shirt by F21

If you take a look at my toe, you’ll notice it’s crossed. It’s a bad habit of mine. I always cross my feet fingers.

Last but not least one more picture that I really like cause VS does miracles.

As embarassed as I should be I say: 32A is my savior. I cannot find it in Brazil.

Jazz at the Park

The arrival

So… I went ot spend a few days in New York in early february with my dear roommate Andrea. Ex-roommate, to tell the sad truth. We had a blast but as we are such heavy sleepers we missed out a lot! I must go back soon there to go to every place listed that we missed. We stayed in Jazz in the Park Hostel and we met some awsome people there. We had lots of fun. As expected there were tons of brazilians there.

New York is a paradise for shopaholics like me. But our schedule was so tight that I couldn’t even check out Marc Jacob’s store in Greenwich Village which I wanted to go so bad! Oh well, the only thing that doesn’t make me feel so frustrated is that I had shopped a lot in Prime, Premium and Sawgrass outlets in Florida.

Marcos (England) João Junior and me @ the hostel’s lounge

Me and my lovely roomate @ Central Park

Edgar (roommate), me & Andrea @ Rockefeller Center

I have tons of pictures but I can’t just post it all in this entry. So I might post a little more in between some future posts.

Venus To Bella

Okay so.. first time blogging. Here we go! Yay.

Hm, right. I kinda don’t really know how to deal with blogs and what to do with it but I’m giving it a try.

In here I plan to chatter about my favorite topics, whatever it is. A lot about fashion for sure.

The funny thing is that back when I was in fashion business college I didn’t care about these things and I’d find myself stupid in blogging about fashion. Well, here I am, 4 years later crazier than ever about fashion and shopping.

I laugh when I think how silly I looked playing the rebel girl during my teens.

Since this is about rebel past, I’ll post same pictures with a slightly rebel trendy look that I’ve posted recently on my lookbook .

In this picture I’m wearing F21 wet leggings, F21 tee and F21 shoulder bag. The boots are some old found which retired cause it’s totally wrecked on the zipper edges now.

And now, let me just word a lilttle about the blog’s name.”demodemoda” sounds tacky for me. demode is tacky. moda means fashion.

Demo de moda would literally mean “fashion demonstration” in portuguese. Demode moda means old fashioned fashion.

So yeah, there’s no deep meaning about it. I was just playing with the words. You can work with your brain to come out with a better meaning for this name, though. I don’t feel like wasting my time with it. (:

As for in which language I’m gonna write.. I don’t think I’ll be patient enough to write everything twice in both Portugues eand English so posts will come out in the language I feel like using at the moment. But it’s not like I’m expecting anyone to read it anyways =D

The reason for the crossed text above is because this blog was imported from my previous blog named demodemoda. At first I planned to do something about me and fashion but it turned out to be about my life as a whole. So I wanted to change its URL. Earth To Bella was my Lucy’s first option. As it’s the name of one of hour favorite bands Incubus and it would be something like “The Earth in Bella’s point of view” I think it would suit. Unfortunatly, that name was already registered. As men are from Mars and women are from Venus.. Venus To Bella would do it. And that’s it. (: Welcome to  my blog.