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I suddenly felt like having an epiphany. I feel relieved and lighter. I just don’t know how much longer it’s gonna last but I hope it’s standing.

I’m posting some inspiring pictures that somehow convey what I’m feeling.

sourse: wet behind the ears


Recently I was watching a TV show about afro hairstyles and they showed a couple of dreadlocks. Actually I do like dreadlocks. Not those kind of industrial eletronic and weirdo styles. I like the hippie and romantic styles. I just don’t dare to try it on my own hair cause I’m really afraid of how it will affect its fragile structure. 



As we fell asleep…

I took some pictures on my dad’s bed. He got this bed from his parents (and their bed is even prettier). I love my grandparents furniture. It feels like you’re going into a castle in their apartment. Everything is so detailed and pretty. Mostly handmade.

They used to live in a beautiful house. It was sold a few years ago cause it was no longer safe for them to live alone in such a big house. Besides, keeping a gardner is quite expensive now a days.

Former Grandparents’ house which is now a Le Lis Blanc boutique
Two pieces dress, Knit Cardigan – Dolce Rosa, Japan @ Shibuya 109

On the road

On the way to Gravata

Early this month we had some free days for the Holy Week. My first plan was to meet up with the people from Vista Way (housing complext I was living in the Orlando) in Pipa – RN. But I ran out of money and I decided to stay with my dad.

My uncle’s girlfriend called me on friday morning saying “pack your things up, we’re downstairs waiting for you” and i was like ???? alright….

So I went to Gravata with my uncle and his girlfriend. We spent a night there and we end up in a Ivete Sangalo concert. Yeah, first time ever in a Axe concert. It wasn’t that bad though but no one can demand me to dance. It won’t work.

On saturday morning we picked up my cousins Pedrinho and Alice in Bonito-PE and went to Porto de Galinhas. We spent one more night in a cozy hotel named Aconchego do Porto.

On sunday afternoon we had lunch in our favorite bar in Maracaipe beach and went back home.

On the way to Porto de Galinhas

Mary and Alice racing. Surf class on the back.

Our favorite bar

Coconut! Coconut!

Alice & Me on the way back to Recife

Back to my uncle's and attacked by Bandido and Branca

A Silver Nightmare Before Christmas Match

Jack's shirt - Disney, Silver shorts - Papaya, Silver heels

Nothing much to write today. It’s not a good day. Same reason as usual.

I’ve spent the night at mom’s. Nothing like mom when you’re down, right?

Even my wife can fire a good shot over distance

B&W stripped pants - Colcci, Red handbag - Fake D&G, Black basic shirt - Hering, B&W Flats - Forever 21

A new photoshoot (sounds so professional and looks so unprofessional) taken for my lookbook.

Terrible lightening. Pictures taken at night cause that’s the only time i feel like taking pictures.

Imagine a camera on a stool in the corridor… and me runing back and foward to press the timer button and pose. Stupid, I know. I wish my sister could take my pictures for me but I only see her at work.

I only decided to take these pictures cause I bought this new FAKE D&G handbag and my uncle’s girlfriend left her stripped colcci pants with me for some time.

I love her clothes, I’m gonna steal her closet.

My new bedroom

My mom is moving to a new apartment (it’s not related to the previous post. that’s my dad’s) and I’ll get a new bedroom! yay! So I obviously want to make it mine! Make it look like me. I have been looking around for decoration ideas. I came up with a few to post here. I want to make it my dream room.

I’m still confused whether to make it look country or modern.

One thing I’m pretty sure, though. I’ll be avoiding dark colors for two reasons:

1. the room is small and dark collors will make it look even smaller.

2. if a cockroach comes flying it will be harder to find it in a dark surface.

I have a bad bad roach phobia so I gotta do everything to make it roach-proof. That means, avoid places where it’s good for it to hide and if I’ll use any wood texture it has to be FAKE. Cockroaches goes well with wooden surface as well -_-

I like this one cause the window is on the exact same position as mine.
I love the bed and I must have big mirrors!

What a hot carpet!

It would be quite hard to find a cow carpet but luckly my grandma might give me her real cheetah fur carpet. It’s beautiful and still has the cheetah’s shape. The eyes holes on the face is quite scary though.

This bed would go well with that carpet

Vintage armchair. MUST HAVE!

These lights would give it a modern country look to the bedroom, wouldn't it?

Demoliton's sliding door

I want to have sliding doors in my bedroom. Maybe those terrace style sliding doors.. but when I came across this one I fell for it. My mom disliked the idea of having it in her living room though.

My most likely future room. I just love everything about it.

Living room

The living room picture is just an idea for my mom since our couch is very similar to this one. And this style totally goes with my mom.