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Black Eyed Peas in Recife!

It’s been 3 hours since the concert was over and I’m way too hyper to sleep. I’m still in the concert mood.

I can’t think of the last time I’ve been this hyper before.. or even when I’ve danced and jumped this much.

I’ve met up with some friends ICP’s from Disney who lives in Recife, Campina Grande and Natal and we’ve gone all together to the concert. We had a blast. It was amazing.

If just one misunderstanding with someone hadn’t got me in a bad mood after the concert, I would’ve had a perfect night.

I wish I had gone to The Pub where Taboo and Will.I.Am were DJing and performing for the after party.

They are amazing performers. I’m speechless. I just don’t know how to put in words how awsome this concert was. I want more. I need more!!!


As I was looking for pictures of Trancoso / Bahia, I came across this amazing tutorial which blows me away. I feel such a serenity vibe out of it. I guess it’s not new for anyone that I’m passionate about beach…

Although I think Brazil’s image is usually picture as hot naked women most of the time and we do deal with some sexual tourism issues, I think this editorial is just beautiful as it is. It doesn’t show nudity in a promiscuous way but in an artistic one.

The pictures were taken in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil, in november 2008, but feature the march issue of Marie Clair Italia in 2009. The photographer was David Bellemere, who never fails to picture artistic nudity beautifully and the models are the gorgeous Tiiu Kuik and Michelle Buswell

My Shelter

My bedroom in my mom’s apartment.

At first I had plans on how to style it.. but as always plans never work out and everything is changed in the last minute.

The onix apple and the pineapple abajour.. the two ludic picture frames.. the flowers that my grandma gave me…

Every single item on this table has a deep meaning for me.

My grandma thought on how to organize everything and chose the colors.

I chose the furniture and curtain. I really wanted a lacey curtain so she made it herself for me. Lovely gramma! ^^

My bedroom is not done yet though. There are still some details missing such as shelves and wardrobe.

Also I still enjoy stealing my sister’s bedroom. Every once in a while I ask her to sleep in mine so I can steal hers 😀 Lovely sister.


Up do braids

braids runway

Romantic Braids

Braids & Flowers

Braids and Colors

Fancy Braids

My muse and her beautiful messy fishtail braid

The last one is Julia Petit and her picture taken for her fishtail braid tutorial posted here. I just ADORE Julia Petit. She is gorgeous, funny and walks around on some to-die-for outfits. Her blog is a must check. Fikadika.

I love braids. I always did. When I was a little kid my grandma used to do some beautiful braids on my hair before I went to school. It’s not only pretty and suitable for any situation but also it’s a great way to set up the hair to bear the always melting heat in Recife.


Me, dad and fake mj cigarette

So, for my dad’s 45 years old birthday he decided to celebrate it with a little theme party.

He was all misterious about his costume and the decoration. He never fails on surprising me with his creativity.

He was dressed as a popular samba charachter, the “malandro” from the 70’s (I guess?).

Me, my friend and my cousin went dressed as hippies. My sister was 50’s style.

Anyways.. the party was lot’s of fun and it had my favourite drinks.

I am just upset that he used his vinyl discs on the decoration and this stupid kid grabbed some TO PLAY FRISBY WITH IT.

Seriously, I really dislike kids. And I dislike this one more than any other. What a brat!

He upset me, I made him cry (: it felt better then.

He ruined the Grease OST disc. %@#$#!$%$¨%@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >;Q

And last, but not least, my favourite picture out of all. A moment captured by my friend Juju of my dad hugging my aunt. All the sibblings love. So beautiful. All the pain they went through this year, fighting to help their brothers and getting over his death in february has brought them together. She is my aunt and godmother.

Denim Shirt

This week I went shopping (and we end up not shopping at all) with my friend Lucy and she told me that her mom gave her a vintage jeans shirt but she didn’t really know how to wear it. She looked around for some ideas and came up with these pictures. I absolutely love all these looks and I want a denim shirt so bad now. I aprooving my mom to get rid of hers when I was younger.

Denim shirts goes so well with flowered clothes and wet leggings.

Wishlist – shoes

I remember during my teenage years how I didn’t care about shoes cause I always thought no one would look at my feet. Oh so silly. I love shoes. What drives me crazy in this city is that there isn’t many brands and shoe stores. The few ones are really expensive and stuffed with ugly models. BORING.

From top to bottom, Left to right: Alexander Mcqueen, Christian Louboutin, Ann Demeulemeester, Dolce Vita

Top to Bottom, Left to right: Dolce Vita, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, Jimmy Choo

My Shoes

And my biggest regret: Arezzo’s 2009 Summer Collection’s gladiators. I absolutely love everything about that collection. I regret so much not buying these gladiators. To tell the truth, it’s the only Arezzo collection they released that really called my attention as a whole.

Arezzo's 2009 Summer Collection