Pijama/roupa de casa + boas companhias

Maracaípe, Setembro, 2010

Tem coisa melhor do que passar um tempo em casa com uma roupa confortável e alguns bons amigos pra jogar conversa fora e te fazer rir?

Reuni algumas fotos de momentos assim.

Não necessariamente na MINHA casa (com exceção das fotos em Orlando que, por algum tempo, era realmente meu lar). Seja uma casa alugada na praia para o feriadão; ou uma casa de veraneio própria, de parente ou amigos; numa moradia temporaria; casa de amigo; ou, até mesmo, num albergue, porque não?

Confesso que não sou uma pessoa baladeira. Não curto rave e saio pouco para baladas. Preciso de um BOM motivo para me deslocar até a Zona Sul para uma baladinha, devo confessar. Troco inúmeras festas por um fim de semana na praia ou interior.

A vida urbana é uma constante tentativa de driblar situações, principalmente horários de rush no trânsito e sair ao ar livre no sol a pino.

Mas nada que alguns dias longe com os amigos não resolva! É como uma dose de outra  realidade. Quem não gosta diversificar as atividades do cotidiano, não é mesmo?

Sempre morei com meus pais. Tive uma curta experiência de morar por 3 meses com roommates em Orlando, todas brasileiras e nordestinas. A escolha dos apartamentos eram sorteio e eu nunca tinha visto elas na vida (com exceção de Déa) antes de entrar com mala e cuia em casa. Mas nos demos bem de cara e a convivência era tão constante que em poucas semanas eramos como irmãs! De pedir escova de dente emprestada (ein Déa? ;p eew, eu sei, mas sem frescura, né?!) e tudo, vergonha zero dentro de casa. Logicamente não vou entrar em detalhes por motivos óbvios. Enfim. Faz uma falta. Era uma “realidade” boa.

Era tudo tão bom com elas

Bricar com elas (cada momento juntas era motivo para celebrar)

Dormir e acordar com elas

Aproveitar um dia de folga com elas (Roommates 2009/2010)

Casa de praia dos Kijima, Japão, 2008

Jazz Hostel, Miami, 2010

E para matar a saudades, reencontro com as roommies, Maceió, Junho 2010

Potentially Favourite

Bandage Dress - BCBG Max Azria
Knit Sweater - Mark Up (mommy bought in Buenos Aires)
Flats - Forever 21 (growing to my number 1 daily shoes)
Canvas Bag - Diesel (a present from daddy)

Bandage dresses might not be a good example of comfort but the flats and sweater does make it up.

Love this 2 pieces for daily use. The sweater fits in most of my  bags and the shoes are comfy enough to walk miles.

Vest - Opção
Basic Shirt - Forever 21 (do I still have to say how I love f21?)
Leggings - Charlotte Russe (which is F21 alternative)
Fabric Shoes - Forever 21

It’s amazing how Opção improved so much their style. They were so tacky and boring! The best thing about it is that they kept the low prices.

Those shoes would be my potentially favourite pair if not for the fact that it’s easily destroied and can’t handle rainy days. It’s not looking really good lately cause I did walk out wearing it on a rainy day.. by accident, of course.

Fake Glasses

White Lacey Shirt - Dolce Rosa (from Shibuya 109)
Wet Leggings and Flats - Forever 21 (where half of my recent closer came from)
Perfume Flask Necklace - Vintage (grandma's)
Fake Glasses - Icing (kinda like Claire's but not as cute)
Black Net Necklace - Street Market (it was supposed to be some sort of scarf but the strippes fell down)

These pictures are not new but I realized it hasn’t been posted here yet. It was posted on my lookbook before.

I noticed that my favourite jewerlies were given by my grandma. Either vintage or not.

My favourite daily clothes I bought in Forever 21 while i was in Florida.

My favourite special itens were bought on a trip to Japan in 2008.

Conclusion! Recife sucks for shopping.

My Shelter

My bedroom in my mom’s apartment.

At first I had plans on how to style it.. but as always plans never work out and everything is changed in the last minute.

The onix apple and the pineapple abajour.. the two ludic picture frames.. the flowers that my grandma gave me…

Every single item on this table has a deep meaning for me.

My grandma thought on how to organize everything and chose the colors.

I chose the furniture and curtain. I really wanted a lacey curtain so she made it herself for me. Lovely gramma! ^^

My bedroom is not done yet though. There are still some details missing such as shelves and wardrobe.

Also I still enjoy stealing my sister’s bedroom. Every once in a while I ask her to sleep in mine so I can steal hers 😀 Lovely sister.

Going Pink

Unlike the previous post, I decided to dress up something more “myself” this time.

This is no doubt a suitable outfit for Recife’s never-changing weather. I got the sunset light on the shot but the brightness turned out over exposed. So I waited the sun to set completly to take a picture with a better lighting to post on my lookbook.

I don’t really have anything interesting to say… actually I’m just mumbling random words to fill this post.

Jeans Vest – Forever 21 (loose… but I still like it)
Baby Doll Top – Mom’s gift (a long long time ago)
Pink Tote – Handmade (bought on my favorite street market)
Purple & White Stripped Shorts – American Eagle (5 DOLARS!!!!)
Pink Gladiators – Schutz
Hat – Annual Art Fair

This is so lookbook.nu

Okay, to be very honest, this is not really my kind of look. I did it on purpose cause I thought it was very “lookbook.nu” material and I wanted to see some people’s reaction (and it was totally as expected). Anyone who follows it might’ve noticed how one person’s obsession grows to everyone’s obsession there easily… until it spreads out of the internet. Isn’t it how trends are supposed to come up? Anyways… it is a bit late to mention sandals (or ankle boots, or peep toes) as a trend as it might be already fading… but I decided to give it a try. I don’t know how far this trends can get to me… I’m getting sick of some stuff. I don’t even feel motivaded to update my lookbook anymore. Seems like everyone is dressing the same way now (and yeah, the look on the picture is kinda an irony but done on purpose).

Anyways. On the look:

  • Silver Dress and Belt, Opção Jeans Wear (love it or hate it.. but who knows the brand gotta reckon that they have improved a lot)
  • Jacket, Limelight (great store, great prices, worst website I have ever seen)
  • Ankle Boots, Bottero (brand that you can find ANYWHERE in Brazil)
  • Necklaces, Vintage Gifts (the firefly one my grandma gave me. the long one has a creepy story)
  • Present Memories

    Me @ Fort Lauderdale

    Although some of this picture might show some solitude they picture some moments of the best time of my life (so far).

    I find myself reminding some moments with my roommates or coworker or even random friends from november ’09 to february this year… I wish that time would repeat over and over every single year. I know, I have mentioned it before. But it makes me feel good reminding these moments constantly.

    What those pictures might seem to look (although not real) may picture what I do feel at the present moment.

    Sounds confusing. But it’s just random mumbling of someone who runs this blog for random mumbling.

    In fact, I should change it’s URL. What I might do in a near future.. or not. Does the name BellaEpoque sounds nice? (don’t make me feel stupid by correcting the Bella to Belle. It really means to be my name as it’s actually spelled)

    Epcot Center

    Animal Kingdom's backstage

    Mini-Everest @ Mini-Asia

    Borrowed Glasses for a Perfect Sight

    Needless To Say that I love them in PJ (meant to rhyme. silly i know)

    (this picture totally breaks the solitude mood of the post)

    Obviously you can tell that they were my roommates. We were all in PJ except Mariana cause she had the worst work shift ever. As each of us had different shifts, the rare times we could all be together were precious.. like this one on the picture.

    I mean.. what could be better than spend some time together in comfy PJ with the best roommates ever drinking a cup of capuccino french vanilla and eating cookies during an endless girls talk during a cold morning in a warm room?

    Frozen Central Park

    Looking Like a Begger @ NYC's Subway Station

    Vista Way's 1007 – Revival

    From June’s 19th to the 25th, I had the chance to meet with my ex-roommates in Maceio and here in Recife.

    Unfortunatly, Mariana and Andrea couldn’t go. So it was me, Robe’r’a, Lu and Linoca.

    Not much to say about the meeting except that we could feel a taste of being in Vista Way’s 1007 once again.

    Besides reminding of all important and funny things that happened there.

    I wish we still lived all together.. in the same apartment. They were the best roommates I could ever have. ): I miss them so much.

    me, lu and linoca @ maceio's beach avenue

    me & linoca @ bera's apartment

    watching world cup @ bera's beach house

    linoca & me @ gunga's beach observatory

    bera & me @ gunga's beach

    spot me on the picture @ vila de nazare

    back to Recife


    Up do braids

    braids runway

    Romantic Braids

    Braids & Flowers

    Braids and Colors

    Fancy Braids

    My muse and her beautiful messy fishtail braid

    The last one is Julia Petit and her picture taken for her fishtail braid tutorial posted here. I just ADORE Julia Petit. She is gorgeous, funny and walks around on some to-die-for outfits. Her blog is a must check. Fikadika.

    I love braids. I always did. When I was a little kid my grandma used to do some beautiful braids on my hair before I went to school. It’s not only pretty and suitable for any situation but also it’s a great way to set up the hair to bear the always melting heat in Recife.


    Me, dad and fake mj cigarette

    So, for my dad’s 45 years old birthday he decided to celebrate it with a little theme party.

    He was all misterious about his costume and the decoration. He never fails on surprising me with his creativity.

    He was dressed as a popular samba charachter, the “malandro” from the 70’s (I guess?).

    Me, my friend and my cousin went dressed as hippies. My sister was 50’s style.

    Anyways.. the party was lot’s of fun and it had my favourite drinks.

    I am just upset that he used his vinyl discs on the decoration and this stupid kid grabbed some TO PLAY FRISBY WITH IT.

    Seriously, I really dislike kids. And I dislike this one more than any other. What a brat!

    He upset me, I made him cry (: it felt better then.

    He ruined the Grease OST disc. %@#$#!$%$¨%@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >;Q

    And last, but not least, my favourite picture out of all. A moment captured by my friend Juju of my dad hugging my aunt. All the sibblings love. So beautiful. All the pain they went through this year, fighting to help their brothers and getting over his death in february has brought them together. She is my aunt and godmother.