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Summer time

I must say that I prefer the rainy season in Recife. Not that I’m those kind of girl who avoids the sun to keep a pale skin. That’s so not me. I get uncomfortable when my skin is looking pale since I’m quite naturally tanned, when my skin is sun deprived for too long I look yellowish brown and very unhealthy and pops out my dark circles. But the thing is.. the so called “winter” in Recife still has great sunny days but the temperature is not always up to 33 celcius degrees. In fact, it floats around 28~29 at it hottest hours. The beaches are not crowded and I can enjoy it better. Unless I’m in an unusual party mood willing to have it full of people surrounding me which doesn’t happen much often.

So.. we had extended holidays on the last weekend and my friend Gabi Capristano invited me and some other 2 friends of ours to spend 4 days in Muro Alto, a few km before Porto de Galinhas in her beach apartment at Beach Class Resort.

It’s been hot these days and that swimming pool was just what I needed to relax a bit.

Please, let the silence remains

me, domany & bruno @ Maracaipe, September, 2010

me, domany & bruno @ Maracaipe, September, 2010

me, domany & bruno @ Maracaipe, September, 2010

me, domany & bruno @ Maracaipe, September, 2010

Cramberries, Black Eyed Peas, Soldiers of Jah, Amy Winehouse and Iron Maiden. This place has indeed finally provided a good concert schedule.

A few years ago one of my best friends left to another state where he was going under some training to join the marine elite. I miss him dearly. I need him around. A few weeks ago I saw him after such a long time.  He came to celebrate his own birthday party and propose to his girlfriend. They even scheduled the marriage date already!!

Today he surprised me by calling in an unusual time. He was in a bar, in Belem (where he is currently living) and calling to ask how am I doing and say that he’s missing me. Awwww!!! ):

We’ve been friends for 12 years so far and I have never spent so long without seeing him before.

Btw, have you noticed how the pictures are often unrelated to the texts? I don’t really mean it but it just happens. I’m just trying to be spontaneous.. but it should be related. Oh yeah, and the title is also unrelated.

Me & Domany @ Maracaípe, September, 2010

Me @ Maracaípe, September, 2010

Me @ Maracaípe, September, 2010


As I was looking for pictures of Trancoso / Bahia, I came across this amazing tutorial which blows me away. I feel such a serenity vibe out of it. I guess it’s not new for anyone that I’m passionate about beach…

Although I think Brazil’s image is usually picture as hot naked women most of the time and we do deal with some sexual tourism issues, I think this editorial is just beautiful as it is. It doesn’t show nudity in a promiscuous way but in an artistic one.

The pictures were taken in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil, in november 2008, but feature the march issue of Marie Clair Italia in 2009. The photographer was David Bellemere, who never fails to picture artistic nudity beautifully and the models are the gorgeous Tiiu Kuik and Michelle Buswell


I always take so long to post pictures after taking it.

These pictures were taken on September 7th extended holidays.

Everything was partially planned on the last minute but we all had a blast. We rent a house on Maracaipe beach, next to Porto de Galinhas, an hour and half from Recife, for 4 days.

Maracaipe is like a paradise. Surfers, clean water, waves, a few bars and humble houses. It grew out of a fishers village and is basically supported by tourism now a days.

Recently, a huge land was sold to the portuguese group Pestana to build a resort. That will involve the overthrow of many trees (mostly coconut trees) and the government provided the construction of a new road, since it was quite hard to get there by car before. That will increase the cars flow to the beach, which can’t really support that many people. That will result on the mischarachterization of a paradise which I see as a big loss, besides the obvious polution result of an uncontrolled development of a town.  With all the recent discussion about sustainability it’s so disappointing to see our government supporting such a thing.

Blablabla. I get lost so easy on what I’m saying when the TV is on. I need to work on my concentration.

Sometimes I feel like I talk like Simpsons episodes that changes the story completely in the middle of the episode. I can’t stick to a topic! Cacete!!!

Anyways. Pictures taken by my friend Bruno. “Models”: me and Domany.