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2010 down. 2011 to go.

Just to state.. I’m alive.

Late 2010’s and early 2011’s has been times of big decisions. Things that will definetly affect my future life.

I had to think carefully about things.. make wise decisions..

I was afraid it would ruin my plans for this year but I am more than happy to say that I am about to fulfill one more of my travel dreams.

I’m moving on missing a piece of me but aware of my wise choices.

College is over! I’m graduated with the highest rate on my final project. In the end, all my hard work has worthed. 10 points out of 10. Perfect score! I had just the greatest thing to make my mostly admired coordinator, mentor and orientator proud of me. I owe her for motivating me to go this far. I will miss college. Studying was never so pleasant. Making teachers proud was never so rewarding. Spending time with those friends was never so fun.

2010 was full of ups and downs.

It started unusually.. Vista Way of life! House of Blues on Sundays, Mojito’s on Mondays, Buffalo’s on Wednesdays, Roxie on Thursdays, Bliss on Saturdays and working in Disney’s Animal Kingdom with 15 awsome brazilian coworkers and some foreigners. Living in an international housing with people from all around the world. Sharing an apartment with 5 precious girls. Getting to travel around Florida and NYC with plans made up on the very last minute! Having it as an experience of a lifetime.

I was abroad until carnival… but, as we say, the year only begings after carnival! So I didn’t really miss out.

As it’s been a long time since I last took any sort of pictures of myself, I’m posting a few from late october, last time I had a trip with my former classmates. @ Vale do Catimbau.

Present Memories

Me @ Fort Lauderdale

Although some of this picture might show some solitude they picture some moments of the best time of my life (so far).

I find myself reminding some moments with my roommates or coworker or even random friends from november ’09 to february this year… I wish that time would repeat over and over every single year. I know, I have mentioned it before. But it makes me feel good reminding these moments constantly.

What those pictures might seem to look (although not real) may picture what I do feel at the present moment.

Sounds confusing. But it’s just random mumbling of someone who runs this blog for random mumbling.

In fact, I should change it’s URL. What I might do in a near future.. or not. Does the name BellaEpoque sounds nice? (don’t make me feel stupid by correcting the Bella to Belle. It really means to be my name as it’s actually spelled)

Epcot Center

Animal Kingdom's backstage

Mini-Everest @ Mini-Asia

Borrowed Glasses for a Perfect Sight

Needless To Say that I love them in PJ (meant to rhyme. silly i know)

(this picture totally breaks the solitude mood of the post)

Obviously you can tell that they were my roommates. We were all in PJ except Mariana cause she had the worst work shift ever. As each of us had different shifts, the rare times we could all be together were precious.. like this one on the picture.

I mean.. what could be better than spend some time together in comfy PJ with the best roommates ever drinking a cup of capuccino french vanilla and eating cookies during an endless girls talk during a cold morning in a warm room?

Frozen Central Park

Looking Like a Begger @ NYC's Subway Station

A Silver Nightmare Before Christmas Match

Jack's shirt - Disney, Silver shorts - Papaya, Silver heels

Nothing much to write today. It’s not a good day. Same reason as usual.

I’ve spent the night at mom’s. Nothing like mom when you’re down, right?