I must say that I prefer the rainy season in Recife. Not that I’m those kind of girl who avoids the sun to keep a pale skin. That’s so not me. I get uncomfortable when my skin is looking pale since I’m quite naturally tanned, when my skin is sun deprived for too long I look yellowish brown and very unhealthy and pops out my dark circles. But the thing is.. the so called “winter” in Recife still has great sunny days but the temperature is not always up to 33 celcius degrees. In fact, it floats around 28~29 at it hottest hours. The beaches are not crowded and I can enjoy it better. Unless I’m in an unusual party mood willing to have it full of people surrounding me which doesn’t happen much often.

So.. we had extended holidays on the last weekend and my friend Gabi Capristano invited me and some other 2 friends of ours to spend 4 days in Muro Alto, a few km before Porto de Galinhas in her beach apartment at Beach Class Resort.

It’s been hot these days and that swimming pool was just what I needed to relax a bit.