I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the world I’m coming home
let the rain, wash away, all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits, and they’ve forgiven my mistakes

Less than a month left from the biggest adventure of my life.
Which started even before leaving Recife. Which started even before I was sure I would be moving to the other side of the globe.
All the pains and mistakes were washed away. I’m coming home new and clean. I’m coming home to start all over again.
And let the rest of my life beggin.
The past year was one clarifying experience. I could open my eyes and mature my thoughts about so many things in my life.
I’m not trying to sound cliche about anything.. but it is true that for the first time I was on my own and I had to take care of myself.
I lived a whole life in a year.

7 months, 10 countries, 25 cities, 1 marriage, 1 bridesmaid, 1 baby, 3 new homes, an internship, 3 jobs, breakups, goodbyes, tears, smiles, a life, a double life, a triple life.

In this time I found home in the people that I didn’t expect.. I found shelter in the arms I couldn’t hold.
I gave myself to freedom. I locked myself out of fear. I was rescued, I was let down, I was revived.
I felt pain, I was homesick, I felt happy, I found a new home. I had my safe port.

I wish it would last longer but I made it come to a sooner end.
Now.. tell the world I’m coming home.
It’s all good now.

The biggest adventure of Isabella Alliz’s life is coming to an end… or maybe it will just begin